2008 Neurofloat: Real-time state-sensitive brain spaces.

Song, M. & Barnes, S. J. (2008). Interactive 3D-graphics installation at the Center for Consciousness Studies in Tucson, Arizona.

2011 Inter[root], Banyen.

Song, M., Barnes, S. J., & Gromala, D. (2011). Twisting the sense of space in immersive trees. Part of The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2011 Symposium at EI11 IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging.

2011 Walking Meditation. Gromala, D., Song, M., Yim, J-D., Fox, T., Barnes, S. J., Nazemi, M., Shaw, C., & Squire, P. (2011). Immersive VR: A Non-pharmacological analgesia for chronic pain? ACM CHI 2011, Vancouver, BC.

2012 Proof-of-Process. A prototype for a community research laboratory. It consists of a series of a hybrid exhibitions, workshops and symposia where participants, along with artists-researchers, can interact with, and contribute to, the development of science and technology-based artworks and research projects in various stages of development – all within a publicly accessible laboratory and production workshop set-up in the gallery space.

June 2012 – Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, BC

2012 Gallery Gachet & The Oppenheimer Park Community Arts Show. A group show. One mixed-media painting exhibited and sold.

2011-2013 Biopoiesis. A series of experiments exploring the relationships between structure, matter, and self organization, with a goal toward the development of autonomous computation and control systems in what can be called a “primordial computational soup”. The system harnesses electrochemical reactions that grow into dendritic metallic threads – ultimately leading to the formation of a continuously shifting signal network (not unlike a neuronal cell assembly). These dendrites are fluid and unstable: they bifurcate and dissipate in unpredictable ways, leading to resistance changes that modify the flow of information through the network. Project Website.

July 2011: Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, BC
June 2012: Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, BC
June 2012: Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, Vancouver, BC
Aug 2012: SIGGRAPH 2012, Los Angeles, CA (juried exhibition)
Sept 2012: ISEA 2012, Albuquerque, New Mexico (juried exhibition)
Sept -Nov 2012: New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Albuquerque, New Mexico (invited exhibition)
Jan 2013: University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida (invited exhibition)

2012-2013 Collective Habitat 1997-2012 | ART-i-FACT: 88 East Cordova. A group show in honour of Gallery Gachet’s 20th Anniversary. One mixed-media drawing exhibited.

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